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DVR Recording


4 Channels
Records 50fps – 120fps
Displays 120fps (real time display)



16 Channel Stability
Fast search per camera, date and time
Password protection
Displays 480fps (real time display)

Records 160fps – 480fps
1, 4, 6, 9, 13 or 16 split screen display
Duplex functionality: recording and playback simultaneously
Surveillance through motion detection and sensor inputs



In any CCTV setup, choosing the incorrect lens for a specific environment cripples the practical effectiveness of such specific camera and its individual support structure to the complete system

The main function of the lens is to focus on an area that is determined by distance and angle. With basics that are similar to a video or normal photo camera lens, the smaller the lens, the bigger the angle with the disadvantage that a small object as close as 100 (hundred) centimeters away will appear far and most probably unrecognizable. On the other side of the spectrum, the bigger the lens the closer an object appear with the disadvantage that the focus point is purely on the object while the surrounding area is not in view
Our lens variety ranges from as little as a 1.76 mm lens focusing on an object not further than 2 meters away at an angle of 110° up to an 11560mm lens that has the ability to clearly focus on an individual at a distance of 700 meters.
In an application where the focus point of a specific standard camera could alter, the ideal solution would be to install a so-called Vari-Focal lens. The Vari-Focal lens allows you to determine the focus point as it has the ability to change its focal/viewing point between a medium of e.g. 5mm up to 55mm.



A switcher’s function is to divide multiple cameras onto a screen. The two most commonly used methods are a Sequential method and a Quad method. With sequential mode it automatically flicks every few seconds between a full screen view from one camera to another, whereby Quad mode allows e.g. 4 (four) cameras to be viewed simultaneously on a screen that is divided into 4 (four) segments.


Black & White Quad

4 Channel
Picture Refresh Rate: Real time
Digital Memory : 1024 x 512 pixels for full screen
Horizontal Resolution : 700 pixels min. for full screen
Auto Scan Time : 0 – 99 seconds


Colour Quad

4 Channel
Picture Refresh Rate: Real time refresh rate 1/25 (30) second
Digital Memory: PAL: 1024(H) x 576(V)
On Screen Display Operating Function : Title, Date/Time, Alarm activation icons
On Screen Display for VCR/Camera control : Contrast, Brightness, Hue, Saturation


Auto Sequential Switcher

8 Channel
Video Input: 8 video inputs
Switching Interval: From 1 sec. to 16 sec. Adjustable
Control Switch: Paddle-switch, Bypass / Auto / Home
Home Function: No auto switcher noise


Integrated Technology
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