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Control Panels

Alarm panels come in many sizes. From a 4 zone panel up to 640 zone panels. Different control panels can be installed depending on the size of the premises and specific need.


Why an alarm system?

There are a number of ways to provide security for your home. The best way is with a reliable electronic alarm system.

An alarm system can protect you by being set up around the perimeter of your property, thus warning you of a security breach before intruders actually break into your home.

A security system inside your home will pick up any intruder and give you immediate warning as to where the criminal is.

Once a system is installed it protects you like nothing else can. On holiday, your alarm is monitored by our control room to establish if the alarm is still working. (Every 24 Hours).

There are different crisis that occur in a home and an alarm system can cater for all of them; panic buttons, medical alert, fire, low battery on the alarm, mains failure, break-in etc. are all monitored and we will know exactly what crisis has occurred and where in your home it is.

Closed Circuit Television – (CCTV)

It is a proven fact that the presence of CCTV security reduces crime by up to 90%. Closed Circuit Television is not only one of the best burglar deterrents, but it’s also an important to help with the gathering of evidence furthering an investigation’s cause of identifying, charging and locking up criminals.

The CCTV is an advanced technological device used for visual surveillance and is designed to monitor all the variety of rooms, spaces and activities. The description Closed Circuit refers to the fact that it operates as a stand alone video system separate from broadcast television which connects monitors and cameras continuously.

At Ubuntu we pride ourselves on being professional access control & security for South Africa.

Our commitment is to provide a broad spectrum of up-market high quality products and equipment, supported by excellent service and technical advice.
→We install, repair and maintain a comprehensive range of access control and security products, alarm systems, CCTV, etc.


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