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Load shedding and security

Load shedding.

The dreaded and frustrating reality all South Africans face on a daily basis.

Not only does load shedding have a negative impact on your electrical appliances and your lifestyle, but it also has an incredibly negative impact on businesses.

Most of all, load shedding can have a shattering effect on security.

If monitoring services put in place to ensure your personal security do not have the necessary power to effectively do their job, you have entered a danger zone. Imagine the domino-effect: if the Control Rooms do not have power, how will they be able to send the correct vehicle to your premises if your alarm notifies them of an emergency?

Ubuntu Security has made sure to minimize the effect of load shedding on our performance by ensuring that out Control Centers are specially equipped to function successfully even when the external force of load shedding tries to get in our way.

It is crucial for Ubuntu to stay fast and efficient, to always be reachable and “on-air” for our clients. Our proven and reliable technology allows us to stay on the radar, no matter what. Your safety is our number one concern, and we vow to serve and protect our community.

Is load shedding threatening your security system?

Think again.

Think: Ubuntu Security – the company you can trust in even the “darkest” of times.